What Are the Benefits of Elderberry CBD?

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what are the benefits of elderberry & cbd gummies

“Elderberry tinctures and capsules have long been a go-to for my daily health regimen,” says Sandy Bernier, Irie Bliss Wellness owner. “We have offered the Immune Boom CBD tincture and Apothecary Care Elderberry & Echinacea CBD tincture for years now because there are so many health benefits of elderberry. It made sense to develop a gummy because it is our most popular carrier type. Our new Elderberry CBD gummies are delicious, easy to take on-the-go, and specially formulated for flu and cold season.”

What are the benefits of elderberry?

“Elderberry has been a staple with so many moms and homeopaths because they are full of vitamin C, antioxidants, and flavanols that boost your immune system. Elderberry syrups, tinctures, gummies, and capsules are also shown to help with inflammation, stress, diabetes, and heart protection,” says Cindy Doody, wellness practitioner and owner of Body Blueprint Center in Norwell, Ma. Inside this cozy Wellness Center, you will find an Irie Bliss vending so you can snag some CBD next time you get a massage!

Lauded as both an ancient remedy and ingredient in modern DIY health elixirs, elderberry has long been used by Native Americans for its healing properties in treating fever and rheumatism, and recent studies show its positive impact as an anti-viral. 

“One study that looked at the benefits of elderberry is from researchers at the University of Sydney. The study shows that certain compounds in elderberries can directly inhibit flu-virus replication in human cells and was shown to strengthen participants’ viral immune response,” says Sandy. (We’ll dab to that!)

“Irie Bliss works closely with nurses and other health care providers committed to providing our clients with wellness options that are backed by science,” continues Sandy. “We’ve all had our dalliances with the various trendy vitamins and nutriceuticals, but elderberry is established both as a natural homeopathic remedy and vetted as treatment and prevention for viruses and lowering blood sugar in various studies.” 

What’s in our Elderberry CBD gummy?

Irie Bliss’ proprietary Blissed Blend formula was closely developed with our manufacturing partner to include:

  • 10 mg of full-spectrum CBD per gummy 
  • Echinacea can increase white blood cells, which fight infections
  • 25mg vitamin C to boost immunity
  • Gelatin for joint health

“These delicious CBD gummies have a sweet-tart, mouth-watering tang — they will jolt your senses and awaken your spirit,” adds Sandy. “Full-spectrum CBD works in combination with elderberry to stimulate the immune system.” 

Who should take Elderberry CBD gummies?

Our Elderberry CBD gummies are ideal for people interested in “stacking” or using multiple types of products to boost their immune system and help fortify their overall health. 

“Because this is a full-spectrum CBD formula, these particular gummies are not intended for children, pregnant women, or anyone concerned with drug testing results due to the (totally allowable!) trace amounts THC,” suggests Sandy. “Our resident nurse Jodi Chapin explains the benefits and breakdown of full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolates — check out her awesome explainer.”

“When it comes to cold and flu season, we all need any additional help we can get — and our Elderberry CBD gummies are a welcomed addition to the Irie Bliss Wellness fam,” says Sandy. “Stop in one of our shops for a sample and see for yourself!”

Shop our new Elderberry CBD Gummies now >> For a limited time…buy an elderberry tincture and receive these gummies for free!

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