CBD Goddess Oil for Higher Love


Yes, it’s normal to feel a bit jittery before an important event. Sex is no exception! Deep breathing, positive self-talk and visualizing yourself giving and receiving pleasure, while partaking in a puff, is a great way to set the mood. Remember, good sex starts with the brain! Taking a few moments to practice mindful meditation or some light stretching can also help calm your nerves. After all, if you are doing it right, this may be the most rewarding workout of the day!

Why Use Cannabis Before Engaging in Sexual Activities?

Cannabis can help to achieve a better orgasm by increasing blood flow to the genitals, reducing stress and anxiety and heightening sensation in erogenous zones. Additionally, cannabinoids have been found to increase dopamine levels in the brain, which helps to intensify pleasure. And for the ADHD crowd, anecdotal evidence suggests the ability to focus, let go or tap into heightened spiritual frequency. Warning: This may increase bonding on a physical and emotional level during intercourse.

Goddess Oil & Lubrication for Better Sex

Cannabis-infused lubricants are a great way to add an extra level of pleasure and relaxation to sex. These lubricants can help enhance sensitivity, reduce pain and inflammation caused by friction and encourage even more touching! Generally, taking the time to engage in sensual healing touch, massaging and paying attention to the whole body will allow all parties time to get in the mood.

Using a luxurious lubricant during sex can make it more enjoyable for both partners. It makes penetration easier, which can result in a more pleasurable experience. It can also help to prevent irritation or discomfort due to dryness. Additionally, lube can add extra stimulation and can even help prolong the sexual experience. 

CBD plays upon all areas of the body with a high concentration of nerve endings! Don’t be afraid to take your sex life to the next level with Irie Bliss Wellness’ signature Goddess Oil!

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